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Dietetics is the science and art of human nutritional care major focus on diet therapy and its application in patient related settings. The dietitian acts as a link between the patient and medical team or physician in assisting difficult decisions regarding the nutrition care and helps in food management. On the other hand, Nutritionists are experts in nutrition and food science that advise their patients on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve health-related goals

Nutritionists and dietetics suggest corrective food habits considering various aspects of an individual such as age, work routine and sickness etc. They have a sound knowledge about food production and processing, psychological factors influencing food choice, digestion and its effects on nutritional aspects

Students who opt for a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics also have the choice to undertake advanced studies that train them to integrate and apply their knowledge, skills and attributes to the promotion of health and the prevention and treatment of illness by optimizing the nutrition of communities and individuals. The course helps you in becoming a professional who can interpret and translate scientific knowledge into practical information to help people improve their health through diet.

Graduates in Nutrition and Dietetics use scientific principles and critical thinking skills to consider the wider environment affecting food supply and eating behaviors in order to evaluate new developments in this rapidly evolving area. During the duration of the course, they gain ample knowledge about the nature, management and prevention of diet-related diseases, and the social and psychological factors that influence what people eat.

The dietician plans food and nutrition programmes, supervises meal preparations in schools and hospitals educates patients on diets and recommends dietary modifications. They also work with other healthcare professionals to provide a multidisciplinary healthcare approach informing about the severity of illness and complications of treatments

Carriers of Nutrition & Dietetics Department

1. Sports Nutritionist 2. Health Coach 3. Clinical Dietitian 4. Certified Nutrition Specialist®™ Credential 5. Public Health Nutritionist 6. Food Safety Auditor 7. Oncology Nutritionist 8. Nutritional Therapist 9. Personal Nutritionist 10. Corporate Wellness Consultant 11. College Nutritionist 12. Pediatric Nutritionist 13. Nutrition Therapist 14. Nutrition Educator 15. Wellness Centers 16. Fitness Clubs (Gyms and Aerobic centers) 17. Health Product Companies (Pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and FMCGs) 18. Diabetic Clinics 19. Wellness Startups 20. Government agencies working for social welfare and development, public health departments 21. International food organizations such as United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, US AID, and other non-profit organisations


UG COURSE OFFERED: B.Sc Nutrition & Dietetics (3 Years)

Eligibility of the course:

B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics A Pass in 10+2 with Biology and Chemistry / Nursing / Nutrition in Vocational stream

Job Opportunities

  • Exercise Science Jobs
  • Life Coach
  • Hospitals (Government and Private)
  • Multinational Corporations (MNCs)
  • Research and Advocacy
  • Schools
  • Private Clinics
  • Nursing Homes , Community Health Programmes
  • Home Health Care Agencies
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