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  • Apart from the computer laboratories setup for syllabus programs the Institutes have provided computer centers for general purposes and learning during extra hours. This includes Internet Facilities available through leased line and Wi-Fi for providing continuous and uninterrupted internet connectivity to students and faculty members. These facilities are also available to students beyond college hours for preparation of seminars & projects and research-orientated work. The entire campus including the hostels is Wi-Fi enabled and students can access the internet on their laptops round the clock

  • 80 MBPS Broadband
  • Wi-Fi facility 24 hours in campus , Dedicated INTERNET LAB
  • We have local area wireless technology which allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to internet using 12MBPS in our college campus and in UG and PG hostel.
  • Jio-WiFi is a successful product enriched with world class content. It is a content management system which can be easily accessed through LAN.
  • HTTP video streaming facility from local server is available this product enables us to access the content without the need of Internet.
  • Local Guru is an Effective Learning Platform for Academic Exams. Local Guru helps the students to learn from the best teachers and helps them to do well in academic exams and technical competitive exams. It helps students, faculty and management to achieve high level of success in professional education. Local Guru is an effective teaching-learning platform for our campus.
  • Placement Ready videos (IIT Professor's tutorials) help students to cover the topics in lesser amount of time, which help to prepare for written test of a company, mock test, etc. Effective Utilization of NPTEL and other open source materials without bandwidth constraints.
  • Improves Student's employability and academic results of the college.Useful for GATE preparation (Entrance exam for IITs and eligibility test for all Public Sector companies) in India
  • Satisfies the AICTE Requirements. As per the guidelines from AICTE, NPTEL facility in the Institute/college library is essential.
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