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Alumni Association

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Alumni Association


The Alumni Association seeks to unite all the former students of the College through a common society and its members are working towards upholding and highlighting the name and fame of their Alma Mater. In whatever location they are placed now, they serve as ambassadors of goodwill, spreading the vision and mission of the esteemed Institution.


The Association is rendering all kinds of help for the betterment of Educational Programmes for deserving and needy students by granting scholarships and giving silver medals for meritorious students at the College Day celebrations every year.Every year seven Meritorious candidates are being benefitted by scholarships from “Thandapani Pillai and Sons Educational and Charitable Trust”, Academic Performance Endowment.

Outstanding personalities and Alumni are honoured for their achievements. Also, a Rolling Trophy sponsored by an Alumnus, and circulated every year to the 'Best Department' selected on the basis of its good records and achievements.

Special lectures on their specific areas of interest are delivered by renowned Alumni members on behalf of the Alumni Association in the College premises.

Each department organises Alumni Meet and gathers their former students at their Alma Mater to share their experiences every year. All the members expressed their astonishment and delight at the growth of the Alma Mater.

Executive and general body meetings are regularly being conducted by gathering the members of the Alumni Association.

Alumni Association Coordinator

Name : Mr.R.Ramesh - Asst.Prof & Head,Dept.of Commerce

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