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Microbiology is dealing with the study of microbes, such as bacteria, virus, fungi. In simple words microbiology is a discipline of biology with works with the function, structure and existence of the microscopic organisms. The undergraduate course in microbiology was started in the year 2017 and the course was designed by Choice Based Credit System .Accordingly the Undergraduate microbiology programmers were carefully planned to give students a strong foundation in theory and applications by focusing on the recent developments in microbiology.


The Microbiology Society is a membership charity for scientists interested in microbes, their effects and their practical uses. Microbiology societies in Europe were started with a worldwide membership based in universities, industries, hospitals, research institutes and schools. Our members have an unique depth and breadth of knowledge about the discipline. The Society’s role is to help unlock and harness the potential of that knowledge. We do this by bringing together and empowering communities that shape the future of microbiology. We generate public service by fostering communication both among communities of microbiologists and between microbiologists and other communities who can translate that knowledge in useful ways.


Microbes are everywhere and affect almost all aspects of our lives. We cannot see them, but our world would not function without them. Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Protists, Archaea, algae and other microscopic life forms are on us and in us, in the air, soil and water, and in our food.

They are in and on the surfaces of everything in our homes, workplaces and other environments. Most do not harm us and many are essential for the good health of humans, animals and the planet. Microbes help keep the planet healthy by recycling waste and supplying nutrients. Agricultural systems would not function without some while others are harmful pests. Industry uses microbial processes to produce foodstuffs and drugs, benefiting society and creating wealth

Our Vision

To explore fundamental and microbiological technique in response to challenges and problems faced by practical approaching in biosciences and many research areas.


Parallel lab for UG & PG with high end technologies.
A very high speed Broadband connection with 2Mbps capacity for every system.
All the systems are interconnected with LAN facilities.
Good number of book in Department Library for students reference.
Smart class rooms are well equipped with LCD and OHP projects


Industry persons are invited for the Guest Lecture Programmes
Industrial Visits to IT companies.
Internship to the IT Companies at the end of each semester.
Placement Assessment Tests.
Seminars / Workshops

Eligibility of the course:

B.Sc., Microbiology (3 Years) A pass in +2 with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science group

Job Opportunities

  • Research Assistant
  • Food industry, Environment Microbiologist, Quality Assurance Technologist.
  • Medical Technologist.
  • Clinical and veterinary microbiogist.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry,Laboratories.
  • Universities,Research organization,Clinical industry.
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